Tee Wat

Well what do you want to know..       I got chucked out of college in 1998 and after a brief trip to Palestine I decided I wanted to be a press photographer. I was a half decent snapper and picked up work without too much stress. In 1999 I started working for a paparazzi agent;  my office was in Old Street London, so being a country bumpkin it was all very exciting working in London and becoming a member of the urban safari club.

Over the next five or six years I honed my craft and became a very sneaky chap indeed so much so that they made me head photographer. We travelled all over the world hunting our prey and would sometimes be away for months at a time.

But being in London was always my thing, I loved the way the city and culture constantly changed there. I was especially drawn to this new concept of street art; I would see new work appear on the streets on a daily basis. I started to make a point of trawling the streets of Hackney and Shoreditch to find new pieces to photograph.  continue reading ..